About The Nachos

We only use the highest quality ingredients.
The result is a taste you can swear by.

The Chili sauce is the star of the show. Our recipe has been tweaked over the past 15 years by its creator. There is nothing like it in the culinary world. It is original, authentic, and filled with passion. The Nacho Shack is about you, the foodie! Our chili has been tested on the pickiest eaters aged 5-80 and no one has turned down seconds. Some test subjects have called days later after waking up in a cold sweat begging for another helping. The recipe is held at Fort Knox because it’s pure gold! When you taste it you will understand why some people call it crack chili.

Our Story

Damon Ebanks, the founder of The Nacho Shack Inc. was born in 1977, six days after Star War, A New Hope hit theaters. He was born to an international chef who crafted some of the most amazing dishes he would come to adore over the next 42 years of his life. Damon would work in his father’s restaurant and watch him whenever he was in the kitchen. His father taught him to cook with his tongue. The lessons Damon would learn would become the catalyst for creating his famous nacho chili sauce.

Damon’s famous nachos was discovered in 2013. It would not be perfect but most people who ate it could not get enough. On many occasions there were guests who attended parties where the nachos were served and they ate so much they had to be rolled out of the house. Over the next nine years, Damon would pour every ounce of creativity into this one dish. He perfected it to the point that even the pickiest of eaters love it.

In 2022 Damon became determined to bring this amazing dish to the world. Shortly after moving his family from Tampa, FL to Havelock, NC he purchased his first food truck. He has been running Nacho Shack with the help of his family ever since.

Nachos with Chili

We make make nachos that are hand crafted.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.

Our nachos are not a snack. They are a complete meal that will satisfy your hunger for hours. Our Nacho Chili takes over 27 hours to cook from beginning to end. From the smoking of meat to the building of the rue, everything is precise and filled with love, from our kitchen to your stomach.