Introducing the Havelock VIP Sport Card: Fueling Excellence Through Flavor!

At Nacho Shack, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to celebrate the spirit of teamwork, dedication, and excellence. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Havelock VIP Sport Card – an exclusive offering designed to honor and reward athletes who pour their hearts into their sports teams here in Havelock, NC. As a symbol of our admiration for your commitment to the game, we’re rolling out a delectable incentive that pairs victory with a mouthwatering treat. Get ready to savor the taste of victory with a complimentary snack size nacho at Nacho Shack, where winning on the field translates to winning at the table.

Membership Details:

  • The Havelock VIP Sport Card is exclusively for athletes on sports teams in Havelock, NC.
  • Coaches will distribute the cards to their players and cheerleaders as a reward for their dedication to excellence and commitment to their teams.
  • Cardholders are entitled to a free snack size nacho at Nacho Shack upon winning a game.
  • The free nacho options include either Chili or Nacho Cheese, with the option to add ground beef for those choosing Nacho Cheese.

Redemption Guidelines:

  • The free snack size nacho can be claimed on the night of the game win or the next day.
  • Only the cardholder is eligible for the free nacho, and it is not valid for the entire party.
  • No additional purchase is required to redeem the free nacho.
  • The cardholder must present the Havelock VIP Sport Card at Nacho Shack to avail the offer.

Eligibility and Verification:

  • The program is only applicable to active players on a sports team in Havelock, NC.
  • Cardholders must sign in with a phone number or email to redeem the offer.
  • Nacho Shack reserves the right to verify the cardholder’s eligibility by confirming with coaching staff that the player is still active on the team.

Program Guidelines:

  • The Havelock VIP Sport Card is designed to encourage young people to join sports teams and engage in constructive activities.
  • It is a privilege and should not be abused. Any misuse or fraudulent activity may result in the termination of membership.
  • The program aims to reward hard working athletes who demonstrate dedication and excellence in their respective sports.

By offering the Havelock VIP Sport Card, we hope to support and celebrate the achievements of our local sports teams. Thank you for being a part of this program, and we look forward to cheering on your success at Nacho Shack!


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